Stevie Wonder and James Pooley of WIPO
Event Planners visit and eat at the home of a Portland resident.
Travelers visit hydroelectric Brazilian dam that is located on the boarders of Brazil, Agentina and Paraguay.
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Keeping Kurrent Show
Wayne Potter
Producer and Host of the Keeping Kurrent Show
Tigard, Oregon USA

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Stevie Wonder and WPO Director of Innovation and Technology Sector, James Pooley at conclusion on date of passage.
Photo: WIPO/Berrod
Learn more about WPO, the World Intellectual Property Organization.
Russian Performing Arts Managent leaders visiting Portland, Oregon during July 2013. Such visits create a better understanding of Russia.
What types of programming can you expect on Keeping Kurrent?
Vladivostok, Russia
Keeping Kurrent will be broadcasting programs that cover three themes. They are:
1) Global Leadership and Leaders
2) Traveling the World
3)The art of writing

You can find out about each of these themes by visiting each of website's pages that covers each topic. I hope that you'll be interested in the variety of topics covered on each show. Each episode will last for at least one hour. Sometimes the show will include two topics which are covered in ½ hour. Here's a sample of some of those shows:

1) Big Horn Institute, Palm Springs, CA ( Topic: Leadership)

2)Peace Rider - Tad Beckwith ( Topic: Leadership)

3) Mary Lee Turner, a World Leader for Lions Club International. ( Topic: Leadership)

4) Paneek of Mozambique (Topic: Travel)

5) NIOD Institute for the study of war and genocide, Amsterdam - World -( Topic: Leadership)

6)Jenny Williams - Living Between Two Worlds (Topic: Writer)

7) Young Couple Traveling the World (Topic: Travel)

What do Ralph Nader, Stevie Wonder and James Pooley have in common?"
They share a common interest in intellectual property. Their involvement is around an international treaty adopted on July 27, 2013. The treaty would make books more available to the visually impaired. The conference was sponsored by WIPO, the World Intellectual Property Organization. Find out more about WIPO, Stevie Wonder and James Pooley. What role does Ralph Nader have in all of this?
Why are these Russian Performing Arts Management leaders visiting Portland, Oregon?
The World Affairs Council of Oregon organizes Portland conferences for international visitors. These conferences are arranged in cooperation with the U.S. Department of State's International Visitor Leadership Program.
News Releases
Dam on boarder with Brazil and Paraquay.
Peruvian Band playing in Moscow, Russia.