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Meet Wayne Potter, the Producer and Host of Keeping Kurrent. He lives in Tigard, Oregon. He has lived in the Greater Portland, Oregon area for more than 40 years. He has produced Keeping Kurrent for the last 18 years.

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Wayne Potter, Producer and Host of Keeping Kurrent

                        SHOW  HISTORY OF KEEPING KURRENT


Keeping Kurrent was the brainstorm of Wayne Potter, the show’s Producer, in 1998. An hour long slice of time opened up on the Golden Hours Network, a radio reading service providing news, entertainment, and education to persons with various sight disabilities. Wayne stepped up and started an interview program focused on interviewing individuals who were providing services to persons who were blind or had some visual impairment. The venue, at that time, was at Oregon Public Broadcasting. The venue allowed for in studio interviews with individuals or even small groups. There were more than 700 shows produced over a period of 14 years.


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