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This is the place where you:

  - meet fascinating people,

  - go places,

  - get involved.

Meet Wayne Potter, the Producer and Host of Keeping Kurrent. He lives in Tigard, Oregon. He has lived in the Greater Portland, Oregon area for more than 40 years. He has produced Keeping Kurrent for the last 18 years.

Promoting individuals and organizations  engaged in improving the lives of people around the world.

Engaging You in Activities and Events


Providing information about various people, places and events is only half of the story. The Keeping Kurrent Host wants to encourage listeners to learn about all sorts of people, buy a book, attend an event, donate money or time, be a exhibitor, volunteer to help at an event, attend a dinner or serve a meal, become a host for Friendship Force Exchange, travel to another city or country. Do you have topics or activities that you’d like to promote? If so, then send an email to Keeping Kurrent.

Portland Area Musicians Raise Funds to affirm diversity and social justice

“WHILE ROME BURNS is a group of Portland-area musicians formed in response to recent social and political trends. Our mission is to leverage the power of music and community to support and affirm diversity and social justice in our neighborhoods, our communities and our world.

We donate our time and craft through an ongoing series of events, providing music and a forum for various projects and organizations that support tolerance - religious, ethnic, gender and sexual orientation/identity - and advocate the celebration of our differences. We reject the politics of exclusion and believe that sharing through music and community is a path to a richer, more empathetic world.”

Check out their Facebook Page:

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Source: WalletHub

How Diverse Are We?

I recently discovered a web site that presents information about the cultural diversity of every state. The site is called “” When you highlight the each state you’ll move to the site with further information.